What “non-scale victories” really look like

We always talk about the “multiple indicators of progress” - how progress is about more than just the number on the scale.
Allie Potter
January 11, 2023
What “non-scale victories” really look like

We always talk about the “multiple indicators of progress” - how progress is about more than just the number on the scale. But what does that look like in real life?

Here we break down some of our favorite non-scale victories… complete with some examples from real-life fuelED clients!

Body composition

Sometimes our body changes shape - whether the number on the scale goes up, down, or stays the same. This is seen through body measurements (inches), how clothes fit, and how we look in the mirror.

“Regardless of what the scale says, my face/body are thinner and I for sure have more muscle on me.”

“Last July I tried to put on my weight lifting belt - I couldn't even get the ends to meet. Over the weekend I tried it for the first time since, and I got it (comfortable) to the third ring!”

“I wore a sweater to work that I haven't worn in a while because of how I felt I looked in it.”

“I put on a pair of shorts I haven't worn since July and they were loose!!! My sports bras fit more comfortably too, and I think I need to go down in bra size.”

“I look leaner and my clothes are fitting better.”

“It’s such an awesome feeling when you start seeing your face slimming and fitting into your favorite jeans!”


When we fuel our bodies right, we find we finally have the energy needed for the things we love.

“I wasn't as tired as I usually get, and I could tell that I wasn't getting gassed easily during the workouts.

“Changing my nutrition behavior and mindset helped me value and understand the importance of whole foods. They not only make you feel better but give you so much more energy without having to supplement with coffee/energy drinks”

“I found myself having much more energy during the day.”


Perhaps we hold our heads up a little higher… because we feel better about ourselves, inside and out!

“We went to a wedding yesterday and I felt so confident!”

“I still look in the mirror in the morning and think, ‘Yeah, that's not too shabby!’”

“I feel really good and happy in my body and in my skin. For years I had the mindset that I had to be skinny and little because they were considered pretty. And I could never achieve that. F--- that! I have an ass, thighs, and a belly, but I'm strong as hell!”

“Overall, [I'm] feeling a lot more confident in my own skin.”

“I feel more like myself than I have in a long time.”


PRs in the gym? Yes please! Regardless of what the scale says, when we’re seeing improvements in our fitness, that’s reason to celebrate in our book.

“My performance [at the competition] was the best I have had in a while.”

“I saw a HUGE difference in my body being able to recover, how I feel after each workout and during workouts.”

“I saw a 30-pound difference in my deadlift!”

“I'm feeling stronger and more confident about my abilities in the gym.”

“I realized yesterday how much stronger I am than I was a year ago and I'm really proud of that.”

“We tend to think working out hard and exercising every day is what gets you a jacked or lean body, but I’ve learned that it's more about how you are fueling yourself.”


We cannot overstate the importance of being kinder to ourselves - in words, thoughts, and actions. And this is something that can be achieved whether the number on the scale goes down, goes up, or stays the same.

“I'm feeling more appreciative of my body. Even though I'm still trying to lose some stomach, it doesn't bother me as much anymore.”

“It’s a great feeling to not feel like a prisoner to my weight.”

“I don't find myself looking in the mirror and being disappointed in myself or saying bad things but rather appreciating the process and knowing I can reach my goals because I've done it before. I also feel much more in control of my life... what a gift to have all this self-loathing starting to lift from me.”

“I’ve learned how to be more compassionate with myself.”

“This whole process has been very healing.”

Mindset shifts

When we create a shift in our mindset, we not only achieve short-term results; we also develop the framework of what a healthy lifestyle looks like, allowing us to maintain progress in the long run.

“It's been a really nice change of pace to think more about adding good things rather than making certain things off-limits.”

“In 6 months, after nearly a decade of disordered eating, my relationship with food and with my body has completely transformed.”

“Now food is a fuel source — not a reason to love or hate myself.”

“It really helped me shift my mindset about what my eating habits would look like moving forward, and that's going to help me for the rest of my life.”

“I gained a much healthier body image/mindset, I gave myself permission to stop over-exercising, I lost my obsession with the number on the scale, and I gained a much healthier perspective of what it means to be healthy across the board.”

And there’s more where these came from. Improved health outcomes, better sleep, reduced stress, learning new skills... the list goes on. When we say that progress is about more than just the number on the scale, that focusing on nutrition is about so much more than just weight loss (though you can achieve that, too)... this is what we’re talking about. Tangible, concrete results.

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