Amy Sena

Amy Sena

Physical therapist/Nutrition Coach/Coach


Masters in Physical Therapy

Bachelors in Applied Health Sciences

NASM Nutrition Coach Certification

About Coach

In high school, I played basketball and ran cross country and track. Injuries limited me throughout high school and ultimately prevented my running at a collegiate level. In spite of this, I have remained active in various intramural sports and have run fairly competitively in numerous community races over the years. The injuries inspired me to go into physical therapy as a career, and as a result of observations in myself and others over the years, I was inspired to begin resistance training and explore a better understanding of the role of nutrition in general wellness. I truly believe I can offer a better range of knowledge to clients and patients because of all the experiences I've had with injury and the wide span of athletic interests I have.

Turning Point

I spent a lot of my formative years doubting myself, feeling defeated, worrying about my weight, and never feeling happy in my own skin. Overcoming my issues with body image and depression was a huge turning point for me. Graduating and starting my career helped make that possible through the confidence I gained, as did getting married and having my two amazing children. Those pregnancies changed my body, acting as a catalyst for me to embark on my resistance training. That, in turn, leads to the desire to help others learn their own physical and mental strength capabilities.

Motivation & Passion

I want to help inspire people to see exercise and eating better as a privilege and an opportunity to give back to our bodies that work so hard for us. We don't have to do these things, we get to!

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