Dave Maley

Dave Maley

Strength Coach

Zercher Squat 325

Bench Press 320

Hammer Strength Shrug 775

Hammer Strength Deadlift 600

Hammer Strength Wide Chest Press 450


Bachelors of Science in Health Promotion: Exercise and Fitness

USA Weightlifting

Strength Coach National Council on Strength and Fitness

About Coach

I have always been interested in physical fitness from a young age. I started working out at 12 years old with old plastic concrete-filled weights. Always thinking strong men were “cool” and loved sports I got involved with training youth athletes. I love working with all ages of clients for all reasons from sports, rehab, longevity, overall health, etc. I played basketball, baseball, soccer, track, and weightlifting growing up. My biggest highlight is working with kids who get college scholarships.

Turning Point

As a child, I heard many times you are too little to do this or that. That fueled me to start my life of fitness. Within a couple of years, I could lift more than other kids up to 100lbs heavier than me and beat kids in a track that were taller. As I’ve gotten older I am battling Father Time. After seeing family members develop health issues over the years which could be attributed to a lack of physical fitness I am determined not to let age determine what I can or can’t do physically. We don’t quit working out because we get older because we quit working out.

Motivation & Passion

My purpose for coaching is to help young people develop a passion to live a healthy physically fit life even after their school days, to help adults reach their goals whatever they may be, feel like age is just a number, and to live a more functionally fit life. I love hearing from my clients how their body feels as good as it has in years.

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