Devin Desanto

Devin Desanto


Bench press 315lbs.

I have worked out for 10+ years.

Competed in high school powerlifting and baseball.

Personal trainer with for 2+ years.

Beat TY in an arm wrestle.


ACE certified personal trainer

TRX certified

Bachelors in healthcare Administration

CPR/AED certified

About Coach

Growing up I played baseball and looked up to my dad as my coach for several years. I found my passion for fitness and weightlifting in Highschool and joined the powerlifting team. I have worked for a decade on my personal fitness and now enjoy emulating my dad by bringing a combination of encouragement, intensity, and expertise to fitness coaching. My favorite part of coaching is helping people achieve more than they thought themselves capable.

Turning Point

The “enemy” of my growing up was being a smaller kid and viewing myself as such in relation to fitness and sports. My 8th-grade baseball coach started me on a weightlifting routine and he served as my hero to overcome my self-doubt and learn that through encouragement and hard work, I could mold myself into the best version of myself.

Motivation & Passion

My purpose is to inspire my clients to reach their best selves and create a safe place to do so. I will take the guesswork out of fitness and let my client focus solely on reaching their goals. My passion comes from building lasting bonds with people by helping them discover self-confidence, crushing their goals, and leaving every workout satisfied that they have their all.

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