Jordan Martin

Jordan Martin


Current weight is less that my HS weight 15 yrs ago.

I eat a planet based diet and fast weekly.


NASM CPT in progress.

About Coach

I have learned and shown that being physically healthy overflows into being healthy in all aspects of life. My weight has been up and down always since my youth, which showed me how important diet is also. Growing up I participated in all sports including soccer and basketball. In high school, I was on the indoor and outdoor track and field team.

Turning Point

My turning point was a couple of years out of high school when I weighed my heaviest. I was eating lots of fast food plus drinking lots of beer. I lost my job at the time and was able to focus on getting my weight under control. I started lifting weights with friends on a regular. A few months later I got a job at a local gym. I worked there for several years, moving up in management and opening other locations. As I grew in the fitness industry I transitioned more into group/ personal training as I noticed the wave of fitness studios open. One of my former managers is a trainer and he coached me on my training skills while sharing lots of knowledge. I learned that working closer with the clients held them more accountable vs when I was at a boxing gym with thousands of members. It was a challenge to connect with so many people to help them reach their fitness goals on top of managing a large team.

Motivation & Passion

Helping people is what motivates me. I like to help people add more activities to their lifestyle with less pain so they can live longer!

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