Ty Singleton

Ty Singleton

Owner/ Coach

I can lift all 3 of my kids (3 girls) at one time!


Degree in Kinesiology

Master Trainer Certification (ACSM/ISSA)

25 years (and counting) of Fitness Training experience

About Coach

I was a very active kid but never really did anything: organized" when it comes to sports. Just pickup. When I finished high school, I tried out for several colleges for basketball and football but did not make any teams. I was told that not only was I not very "fundamentally sound" but I was too small. So I decided to start learning more about the body and how to train myself to not only grow but work on sport-specific exercises.

Turning Point

One day, as I very first started exercising, my sister came to my apartment and show me she could lift MORE than I could! Now, she is strong BUT it made me realize how WAEK I really was LOL! From that point forward, I told myself, I just want to be as strong as she is and I will be happy. I have FINALLY surpassed that goal! :)

Motivation & Passion

One size does NOT always Fit ALL. When I first started training, I knew the basics. How to squat, bench, etc. I figured if I can get in better shape doing those things, everyone could. Then I realized what's safe for me to do, doesn't mean it's safe for everyone. Also, everyone's goals aren't the same either. So I began designing programs completely based on a client's current fitness level and their personal goals as well. I saw a drastic shift in clients' results as well as fewer injuries. Now I live by the motto "One size does not ALWAYS FIT ALL!" My goal is to serve those who have either been injured doing workout plans not designed specifically for them or are afraid to start because of feeling too intimidated by all the HIIT Training Workouts that are out there. I want those people to feel confident that I will train them according to their abilities.

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