The perks of our health club in Liberty Township:

Choosing our gym is the best choice you can make to reach your fitness goals! Our fitness classes and health coaches in Liberty Township will make your fitness dreams a reality! We not only give you a completely PERSONALIZED plan catered to your specific needs, but we offer so much more! Here are just a few perks that our health club in Liberty Township offers:


Personalized Workouts

EVERY workout is designed for YOU by a Certified Fitness Trainer. No need to come in with a plan, we've got you covered! We make sure that all you have to worry about is accomplishing your fitness goals!

Heart Rate Tracking

Heart Rate Monitors are worn so trainers can monitor YOUR heart rate and adjust your workout accordingly. WE PROVIDE accurate heart rate monitors to every person. This can be extremely beneficial to achieving your fitness goals and also to make sure you aren’t working out harder than you are able. Your health is our main concern!

Fitness Evaluations

Fitness Evaluations are completed every 6 months to regularly monitor YOUR progress, update YOUR workout plan and reassess YOUR goals. Ever wonder if what you're doing is actually helping you achieve your fitness goals? Don’t worry! These fitness evaluations are extremely important. They help make sure that you are performing to the best of your ability and make sure we are creating a program that is working and not slowing your progress at all.


Family is who WE ARE! Find motivation, support and encouragement from like-minded people who are committed to building each other up!
Our close-knit group here at Fitness1o1 is like a family. If you are wanting some comradery and want to meet like-minded people, look no further. You can find support, motivation and encouragement from our trainers and trainees. We are all committed to building each other up and helping each other out!


Liberty township personal trainer
Liberty township personal trainer

Also offering...

Nutritional Coaching

When it comes to health and fitness, our health club in Liberty Township goes above and beyond! We believe in creating a successful environment for everyone to achieve their goals, which means we also offer personalized nutritional plans. You can work 1-ON-1 with our Certified Health Coach to make sure that you are fueling your body with the right nutrients it needs for your specific goals. Whether you are trying to lose weight or build up muscle, our health coach can create a plan perfect for your needs. It can be even harder to achieve your fitness and health goals when you are not fueling your body with the right food it needs. Our health coach is here for you and can make sure what you are putting in your body isn’t compromising your goals. And the key to succeeding is to make sure you are held accountable, so we have weekly check-ins you can participate in to help you reach your goals faster!

Relax, we offer...


We also now offer ON-SITE physicaL therapy so that your muscles and joints are able to perform to the best of their ability at all times. Our on-site physical therapist is there to help with those aches and pains that just won’t go away and is also actively involved in creating your personalized workout plan. Having a physical therapist so easily accessible to you is something that we are proud to offer our clients. 

1-on-1 training

Need more attention?

We also offer exclusive 1-on-1 training that means you have the sole attention of the trainer! This is perfect for those looking for a more intimate setting and need a little extra attention to get their fitness goals going. If you are wanting 1 on 1 training for health concerns, or special accommodations, or for any reason, reach out to us today and we can help you out!

Need your own plan?

Personalized workout plans

Get a workout plan designed for YOU to do at home or at your own gym. A Certified Fitness Trainer will create a 6-12 week program based on YOUR current fitness level and individual goals. Programs are updated every 3 weeks.