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what to expect
during your first free workout

We are excited to offer you a FREE gym trial at our Liberty Township health center because we know how important it is for you to get a feel for the environment and how we do things at Fitness 1o1 before you sign up for a gym membership at our Liberty Township location! When you come in, you will be welcomed by one of our Certified Fitness Trainers! They will show you to your individual workout station and cardio equipment. After your warmup, you will be led through a workout that is tailored to specifically address what you'd like to focus on. (i.e. full body, core, flexibility, etc.). It's our job to make sure your workout is safe and effective! That is why your trainer will be sure to explain and model all your exercises, while also monitoring your form throughout the workout. We can't wait for you to try us out! We know you will leave our gym feeling motivated and encouraged to get after those fitness goals!

Are your ready?

Let's get to work... together!

To train you to the BEST of YOUR abilities, we always recommend doing a Fitness Evaluation before we begin training you ($25 fee). Your health and safety is our top priority. The results of your fitness evaluation give us the insight we need to design your workouts during your Liberty Township gym membership at Fitness 1o1 in a way that not only keep you safe, but also challenge you to achieve your fitness goals. 

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We are excited to have you check out our studio in Liberty Township! Contact us for info about our gym membership in Liberty Township and to learn more about our free gym trial!

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